Recruiting Future EAST Students at Dardanelle Middle School


Recruiting Future EAST Students at Dardanelle Middle School
4/20/2011 10:06:22 AM

“What is EAST?” was the question EAST students answered in afternoon recruitment presentation.

DHS EAST students Rane and Zac spent a recent afternoon talking to Dardanelle 8th grade students about the DHS EAST program at the high school. They shared 2010/2011 project work, the objectives of EAST, and their personal growth in the program.

They also shared their experience working on the Afterschool Enrichment News project, a DHS news broadcast, with elementary students. They are now teaching 6th grade students video production by creating commercials.

The EAST students also shared the excitement of the 2011 EAST Conference and the honor of winning the Timothy R. Stephenson Founder’s Award, as well as a a superior rating for the impact on our community.

The 8th graders had an opportunity to envision their future in EAST by discussing with the high school students how projects work and what a person learns by “Doing EAST”.




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